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This site is a free open space for newcomers, long-time locals and guests.
No algorithms, data sharing or fights with family or friends to participate!

Evergreen Bound is a metaphor for the getting here – from wherever you came – that deepens your appreciation of it. Or the climb in altitude to the Genesee overlook, where the majestic
Continental Divide looks like a national park in our own backyard. Our mountain communities are unique, each an oasis we can all treasure. Here, like Evergreen itself, nature in all its glory and a community not wound too tight converge in our pages.

You’re invited to add to the mix in this shared photo-album and commentary with your own point of view, be it opinion, announcements or beautiful wildlife and landscapes outside our collective back doors.

The site is packed with resources, trail maps, shopping and restaurant guides, fun events and destinations, history and much more. You’ll find a go-to hub of local webcams, media, local info and visitor’s guide unique to our area, with a wealth of info in our links page and forums.

We owe over 130,000 posts on this site to our open door policy.
The door is open to our online community. It’s free to join in open discussions in our forums, share your art, your business, your awesome sauce or sports event. Promote your brand or be completely anonymous and speak freely with minimal moderation. Simply register with an email and pick a nickname to be activated to post. We never share your information.

There’s something for everyone, from lost pets to free classifieds, to robust discussions and entertaining content. Quality, timely content is continually updated on Evergreen Bound, our Facebook and Twitter pages, so visit often – there is always something new to discover!

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We encourage our members’ active participation to help grow this valuable community resource, while being fun for everyone involved.

As a part of the larger Communities Bound network, our goal is to portray Evergreen Colorado with the quality image our mountain community has earned and to welcome Evergreen visitors, both virtual and actual, from a wide geographic area including Clear Creek and Jeffco residents along with members of the I-70 corridor. We aim to support our local business partners by giving them an active voice in the community, not just a traditional advertising opportunity.

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